Olympic Hero in China, Beloved Coach in America


LI XIAOPING – one of China’s Greatest Sports Heros is back home in Beijing – to help his native land host the Summer Olympics.

Back in the ‘84 Games in Los Angeles, Xiaoping became one of China’s first world champion gymnasts.

Recruited as a young boy with naturally long arms, Xiaoping reigned as the world champion on the pommel horse, and later helped his team capture a silver medal in LA. Back then, gymnasts had to compete in all events, not just one event, as they can do today.

He would later marry his teammate, Jia Wen, who was part of China’s World Champion Silver Medal Team.

Today, they are retired, coaching Olympic hopefuls in America – and teaching to the west what they learned growing up in the east.

Their school in Orange County, California is regarded as one of the best in America - South Coast Gymnastics. www.scgtc.com.

For this series of vignettes, we wish to extend special thanks to Coach Li, his wife and all their dedicated and talented team and students.

World Champion Li Xiaoping